About Us

We are a group of people who love skateboarding culture, the same as our founder, Lana Nikiforov. In our opinion, skateboarding is a challenging sport, which is one of the reasons why it is widely popular all over the world. We explored this area of skateboarding culture for a long time before our brand was founded, then we developed impressive skateboards to suit all levels and abilities, and our brand, MetroTradin, was born!

More Than Just Skateboarding

Our passion for skateboarding is the same as all skateboarders because we believe it is a sport that makes people grow. After countless falls, we will still get up and try again. What we have on our feet is not only a skateboard but also a fearless faith and our never-say-die spirit.

Brave and Wild

Before shaping the concept of skateboarding in a new era, we need to gather the courage to do something that others can't imagine. The skateboard of a skateboarder is like the Dragon Rider's dragon, it needs more wild and flamboyant elements to release the wildness of skateboarders.


As skateboarders, what we want to do is to put our ideas into skateboards. Our product designs cover all kinds of elements, and we want them to be more dazzling and individual while keeping tradition. You'll find that the color scheme is really stunning. When you ride our skateboards through the crowd, you'll be the center of attention!

Make Trust Precious

As a team, designer or distributor, we want to create a skateboarding culture with a club atmosphere. This allows our customers to get to know us better and also provides them with the opportunity to befriend each other. We create our own cultural circle because we believe that good product design and a quality reputation must be based on trust to be of value. That's why we want our customers to choose us, we make trust precious.

Contact Us

Our shipping address is 5000 Grand Ave, Maspeth, NY, 11378. All MetroTradin complete skateboards ship factory fresh and ready to roll. If you have any questions about skateboards or our services, please call us at +(1)(347) 649-4821, or send us an email at hi@metrotradin.com. Our service hours are 10 am to 5 pm EST (Mon-Sat).