Do your skateboards need to be assembled?

We sell complete skateboards, which means they come from the factory already assembled. If needed, you can replace the parts according to your personal needs.

What is the size of your skateboard?

Both classic and advanced skateboards are 8 inches in size. It's an excellent size for shredders of every skill level ranging from beginner to pro.

How to look after my skateboard?

Keep your board out of the elements. Leaving your board to face the elements can have several negative effects. The deck will start to absorb water if it is left in the rain or if left in the sun it will cause the expansion of parts which can ruin them when they cool back down. We, therefore, recommend keeping your board indoors when you’re not using it!

How to clean the beatings?

Keeping your bearing clean and lubricated is essential – after all these are the bits that keep your board moving! Regularly use a recommended lubricant and apply it to the bearings once you have thoroughly cleaned them.

How to maintain the deck?

Keeping your eyes on the deck is always a good way. Any signs of wear on a skateboard deck could spell disaster if not fixed quickly. Make sure you clean off your deck (both top and bottom) to prevent the build-up of dirt. Cleaning your board will also prolong the life of your skateboard’s grip tape. We recommend using a moist toothbrush to remove the most stubborn debris and then dry by dabbing the deck with a dry towel.

Do I need to check my skateboard regularly?

Yes. To keep your skateboard performing as it should it is important to regularly check your skateboard’s kingpin. Ensure you replace any broken kingpins and do not ride if it is damaged. Tightening your kingpin is also important and is a simple task to carry out. A top tip is to ensure that both trucks are the same tightness. This can be achieved by counting the number of rotations you carry out when tightening.

How to make the wheels last longer?

Rotate your wheels. Good practice to make your wheels last longer is to rotate your wheels around your board. Doing so will ensure that your wheels have even wear over time and therefore keep your ride true. We recommend rotating your wheels in an ‘X’ pattern. Therefore, your right rear wheel becomes your left front wheel, and vice versa.